So I installed Android on the Beaglebone Black

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My friend Goran is doing a great job at writing a space shooter game for Android. I like trying out new versions of his game on my phone and on any other Android devices I can find to support him.

I'm also a big lover of the line of Beagle ARM devices of course. And as I recently learned that Android runs near-out-of-the-box on the Beaglebone Black, I decided to run Goran's game on the BBB!

So I followed these instructions and installed the ready-made image on my BBB. A few reboots to get USB devices working, and an adb install command to install my friend's game later, and it was working!

It's great to see how smoothly this software works on all kinds of different devices. And to see the HDMI out on my BBB working on my beamer in my living room.

Here is a teaser of the android install booting.. the game isn't released yet after all!

Game running on my beamer