Nice solution to use PC as a Sonos audio source.

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I'm a Sonos fan.

I'm a big Sonos fan. The devices are quite costly so part of me is forced to be a big Sonos fan. But still I think the abilities, and quality of the products more than earned my fandom. It's a perfect home audio speakers solution.

There is always something of course. In my case I occasionally really want to broadcast some audio from my PC (e.g. an interview on youtube) throughout my home. Sonos, quite stubbornly I think, never implemented this (except for suggesting hooking up a PC to a Sonos component Line-in input). Even though they lately do offer to stream particular files from a mobile device, which is close and a really nice feature too.

To anyone looking for this feature - try this pretty slick solution I found on a Sonos forum post: install streamwhatyouhear, make it do a HTTP stream, and add that HTTP stream as a radio station in your Sonos controller. Then play that station, and presto. Works really well.